Child Lock Posters

A print and outdoor campaign promoting the child lock feature of the erotic channel.

Beate Uhse TV
To show the contrast between kids world and the erotic content, we combined illustration and photography. The campaign was aired in print, on billboards and driving billboards.
Mobius Awards 2011: 2x Mobius
ADC Germany 2011: Bronze
Red Dot Award 2011: Red Dot
Cresta 2011: 2x Finalist
New York Festivals 2011: Finalist
One Show 2011: Merit

Creative Direction: Gerrit Zinke, Christian Fritsche
Art Direction: Simon Jasper Philipp
Copy: Christoph Gähwiler
Photography: Lisa Krechting
Illustration: Julia Schonlau
Postproduction: retouched fba
Agency: kempertrautmann

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