The Art of Progress

A campaign for the most exclusive Audi.

Audi A8
The A8 is the most exclusive Audi. It is a masterpiece of craftmanship. For this reason we showcased the design and the technological features of the Audi A8 as sculptural art installations. The result was a mircosite and a limited edition art book titled ‘The Art of Progress’, which was sent to selected Audi clients.
Creative Director: Simon Jasper Philipp
Art Directon: Nicolas Winkelmann
Photography: Jan Steinhilber
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje
The ‘The Art of Progress’ Campaign started originally in 2009. At kempertrautmann we decided to stage the production process of the Audi A8 like a piece of Art. Together with my colleague Maria Sommer I was Art Directing the Shooting for the campaign.
Creative Direction: Gerrit Zinke, Jens Theil
Art Direction: Simon Jasper Philipp, Maria Sommer
Photographer: Olaf Hauschulz
Agency: kempertrautmann/thjnk
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